VegFest is an independently organized, international food festival aimed at promoting a vegan lifestyle to its attendees. The festival includes a range of activities, including food vendors, games, cooking demonstrations, and live music.

What's The Issue?

The branding of VegFest is too disjointed; the only connection between the events are in the name. What brand identity does exist seems outdated and stale, and doesn't appeal very well to those outside of a vegan audience. The vegan community as a whole also has negative stigma attached to it, which may repel people from attending. 

How Will It Be Solved?

VegFest's new brand identity strikes a balance between being dynamic and bringing much-needed unity to the brand. It also helps to steer the viewer away from the stereotype of vegans being too uptight and hateful by becoming much more vibrant and exciting, attracting a larger audience. 

Visual Inspiration

VegFest Visual Inspiration

Logo Iterations

VegFest Iterations
VegFest Iterations

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VegFest Logo

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VegFest Typography
VegFest Typography
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