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Attending a university comes with enough challenges in and of itself, but for a transfer student, it can become even more stressful. TransferQuest is an online platform designed around the delicate needs of these students, helping them find the information they need access to before they commit to a transfer, and saving valuable time and money.

What Do They Need?

When a student is transferring to a new school, they need to be able to easily communicate with their desired school, ensure they don't pay money for credits that are rendered useless upon transfer, and keep their financial aid in check so they don't lose access to it. It also helps to find like-minded people upon transfer so the new student doesn't feel so isolated.

What Are Some Solutions?

TransferQuest provides quick access to advisors via live chat,  a database that calculates whether or not their previous credits will be accepted, and a database that shows the status of their financial aid, with an algorithm that helps the student acquire additional aid if they are eligible. A social side to the app also provides the student with the means to feel more comfortable going into an unfamiliar environment.

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