Nutrish lunch


Showcased in AIGA Blue Ridge's 2018 annual Flux Student Design Competition


User Experience & Research

With our schedules becoming busier than ever, processed foods becoming more prevalent, and the ever-growing problem of food waste, Nutrish is an app designed to change the user's relationship to food.  It aims to help users to eat more nutritiously, together as a household, and use food more efficiently, using the power of algorithms and device agnosticism.

Nutrish Team & Roles


All members: problem identification, personas, device research

Individual Role: research visuals, journey mapping


Team Members:
Jeff Davis
Valerie Lamm

Lorena Martinez
Austin Dennis
Stevie Boyrie

Christian Berg

Kristie Bocanegra

Christina Rodriguez
Nick Gatti

How Might We...?

In order to figure out a solution, using research, we first needed to figure out what the problems were.

Nutrish 4 Main Problems
Nutrish Infographic


Nutrish Personas

Who's Out There?

Many food related apps already exist on the market, so we documented their greatest strengths and weaknesses, and brainstormed on how to use it to improve our own app.

Nutrish Competitor Analysis

Journey Map

After defining who we're talking to and nailing down their main needs, we put ourselves in their shoes to imagine how they could use the app.

Nutrish Journey Map

User Flow

Nutrish User Flow Diagram
Nutrish in use


Nutrish & HEB Visual

We planned out how Nutrish could access the databases of grocery stores in order to better meet the user's needs (such as using the Platelist feature to recommend sales, integration with smart fridges to reduce duplicate purchases, and showing nutrition facts upon scan), using HEB as a jumping off point. 

Device Agnosticism

Nutrish has the ability to work in multiple ways in different devices; here, Nutrish is connected to and used in conjunction with a Google Home Assistant.  


Nutrish Branding

Additional Touchpoints

Leaderboard Ad

Nutrish Leaderboard Ad

Rectangle Ad

Nutrish Rectangle Ad


Nutrish Widget

Photography Used

Helena Lopes